LeBron James was ejected from the Los Angeles Lakers' game against the Detroit Pistons, Sunday night, after a bloody showdown with Isaiah Stewart. After going for a contested rebound, James elbowed Stewart in the face, which prompted the Pistons' big man to confront the former MVP.

After being held back on several occasions, Stewart continued to break free and charge back at James who was shielded by teammates and officials.

LeBron James, Fight
Nic Antaya / Getty Images

In the wake of the chaos, James was hit with a flagrant 2 foul, Stewart was given two technical fouls, and Lakers guard Russell Westbrook was called for a technical foul.

“Everyone in the league knows LeBron isn’t a dirty guy," Lakers star Anthony Davis said after the game. "As soon as he did it, he looked back and told him, ‘My bad. I didn’t try to do it.’ I don't know what he tried to do. Nobody on our team, 1-15, was having it"

James did not speak with the press.

Despite trailing 79-67 when the incident took place, the Lakers went on to win 121-116 to bring their record to 9-9.

This is just the second time James has been ejected from a game in his storied 19-year career.

Check out the altercation below.