Kevin Durant's latest injury has the potential to change the entire makeup of the NBA especially with free agency under three weeks away. It was believed that Durant would want to leave the Golden State Warriors and go to a team like the Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks, or even the Brooklyn Nets. It was also rumored that players like Kyrie Irving would want to link up with Durant and form a championship contender with the two-time NBA Finals MVP.

If Durant is unable to play all of next season, superstar players might not want to team up with KD now as the team's success would inevitably be delayed for a couple of years. Stephen A. Smith went on ESPN's First Take this morning and echoed that sentiment, stating LeBron James and the Lakers benefit the most from Durant's injury.

Per First Take:

“If I planned on playing with KD, suddenly Southern California and LeBron James don’t look so bad. These guys who are healthy now, might not want to take that risk, might not want to go someplace else and wait for [Durant] for two years... All of these components have given a tremendous assist to LeBron James because he’s also one of the greatest players in the world and if you don’t have KD as an option in your mind, well then what the hell is wrong with Southern California, the palm trees, sunshine and LeBron James? Ain’t nothing wrong with that. The Lakers could end up being the biggest benefactors of KD going down than anybody else.”

Essentially, Smith is implying that free agents might choose to play with the Lakers and LeBron now that KD might not be as viable of an option anymore.

Do you agree or Smith way off on this one? Let us know.