Coronavirus has NBA fans so starved for content that they are digging into the archives for classic photos and footage of games that no one even knows about. Two of the most legendary players in NBA history are none other than LeBron James and Michael Jordan. These two never played each other on an NBA court as Jordan retired the year before LeBron came into the league. However, the two still shared the court together in a scrimmage that went own when LeBron was just a teenager.

Someone on Twitter was able to dig up a photo of the scrimmage and you can see a young LeBron next to Jordan. The Twitter user made a call out for footage from the event although unfortunately, there is none at the moment. Regardless, it's cool to theorize about how this scrimmage would have gone down.

Granted, Jordan was well past his prime at that point while LeBron hadn't even blossomed into a man yet. Either way, these two are NBA legends and to see them on the court together is pretty special. As this quarantine goes on, hopefully, we will get even more pieces of NBA history, in the not so distant future.

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