Less than 24 hours after Lonzo Ball unveiled the ZO2 Prime, the first Big Baller Brand signature sneaker, his father LaVar was doing the media rounds, visiting with ESPN's Dan Le Batard to discuss the $495 price tag.

So why do the kicks, which LaVar says Lonzo designed all on his own, cost so much? According to LaVar, "I figured that's what the shoe was worth. When you're your own owner you can come up with any price you want."

Why not just $500 instead of $495? LaVar says, "495 sounds better. I like three different digits."

He added, 

"Nike, and Adidas and Under Armour they battling below me. Let them go ahead and put their stuff in Foot Locker. I'm better than them. I'm a step above."

As for the $220 sandals, LaVar says they feel better than the cheaper ones you can get from luxury brands like Gucci and Prada.

LaVar mentioned that he's making his sneakers "the same way Michael Jordan and Nike are making their sneakers," although when they asked how much it actually costs to make the shoe he wasn't dumb enough to answer.

Check out LaVar's interview with Dan Le Batard in the two videos below.