Kanye West has always been a polarizing figure in the public eye but nobody really expected him to be buddies with Donald Trump. In 2016, the rapper was spotted at the Trump Tower in NYC where he was seen having a meeting with Trump. While many scratched their heads, the rapper went into full MAGA mode just before the release of his last project ye. He's vowed to stay away from politics but the damage was already done.

Oliver Contreras - Pool/Getty Images

Associates and peers began to distance themselves from Ye during that period, especially after his comments about slavery. Many of them were outspoken too. Lana Del Rey recently addressed Kanye's blonde phase on her song, "The Greatest" where she said that "LA is in flames‚ it's getting hot/ Kanye West is blond and gone." She hasn't necessarily elaborated on the lyric since but in a recent interview with the New York Times, she shared a bit of context.

"Here's the thing: I don't want to elicit a response," she said. "You never feel better for having written something like that. But Kanye just means so much to us. And by the way, I'm grateful to be in a country where everyone can have their own political views. I'm really not more of a liberal than I am a Republican—I'm in the middle. But it was more like the mood and the vibe around, Yo, this man is the greatest! Really? The greatest? It hurt me. Did I have to say anything? No. But it's more just a line that represents a lot of things."

Peep the song below.