In 2018, Kanye West's public perception has been divisive, to say the least. While many recall his infamous "slavery was a choice" comments, some of his fashion choices led to a raised eyebrow or two. Photos of Kanye West sporting the iconoclastic "Make America Great Again" hat, which has come to be closely associated with Donald Trump and his most ardent supporters. Naturally, such allyship to the conservative party caused an uproar, worsened by a co-sign from Trump himself. The whole thing even led to a musical debate of sorts, in the form of "Ye vs. The People (starring T.I. as the People)."

Though Kanye has since attempted to clarify his stance to varying degrees of success, it seemed inevitable that the MAGA hat would soon make a return. Lo and behold, the red cap has once again found itself sitting proudly atop Yeezy's dome, as reported by TMZ. Yet this time, Yeezy has defied expectation, accompanying his politically charged attire with a Colin Kaepernick shirt. Given Kaep's role as the Kenny to Trump's Spenny, such a move further's Yeezy's status as a walking contradiction. 

While more cynical types might dub the move as a Yhandi related publicity stunt, perhaps Yeezy is merely attempting to bridge the gap between two dividing parties. Perhaps, somewhere amidst the ether, lies a person who has love for both Colin Kaepernick and Trump. Aside from Kanye, of course.