LaMelo Ball made his return to Lithuania today as part of his father's Junior Basketball Association's international tour, which includes 28 games being played over the course of three months. It's unlikely any of these games will be noteworthy but today's game, the second of 28, featured plenty of drama as 17-year old LaMelo was ejected for slapping an opponent in the head following a drive to the basket.

LaMelo shoved the defender under the hoop once the ball was out of bounds and that player responded by tapping LaMelo on the back of his head. The youngest Ball brother quickly clapped back with a left handed slap before teammates from both sides got into the mix.

Check out the footage in the tweet embedded below.

The JBA will be making stops all across Europe and Asia over the next few weeks, including stops in Germany, France, Croatia, China and the Philippines. The JBA's 13-man All-Star roster includes LaMelo's brother LiAngelo, as well as their LA Ballers teammates Gregory Floyd and Melvin Davis.

The rest of the roster is comprised of Deon Lyle (Chicago), Corey Boyd (Atlanta), Cameron Clark (Seattle), Nate Morris (Dallas), Je’Rell Springer (Seattle), Calvin Brown (New York), Harrison Rieger (Chicago), JaMicheal Morgan (Seattle), Curtis Hollis (Houston) and Jordan Ray (Atlanta).