I was quietly worried LaMelo Ball would be stuck in the purgatory of his dad's knee-jerk decisions. Don't get me wrong, LaVar Ball is phenomenal Dad, but I didn't understand the ramifications of his decision to pull LaMelo out of his high school curriculum, or how it would affect him long term. Thankfully, LaMelo was thrown a rope (of his choosing) last week, when decided to reenlist in an Ohio prep school, just in time for his Senior year.

By the looks of it, folks in Ohio are pretty enthused with the idea of hosting the Baller Brand. They even erected a LaMelo to celebrate his arrival (I kid you not).

LaMelo was ranked in the top 15 nationally for his age before he and his brother left for Lithuania. So naturally, LaMelo and his team are looking at top ranking NCAA programs, in the event he chooses to go the collegiate route.

According to WKYC's Ben Axelrod, LaMelo has listed North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and Michigan State as the programs he'd consider suiting up for. In the case of his brother LiAngelo, the option to re-enlist at the collegiate has come and passed, after going undrafted and unsigned in a tragic series of missteps.