Lamar Odom is in the news again, but thankfully it’s good news for the NBA champion. TMZ is reporting that the Nye County D.A., where Odom was originally picked up during his overdose, has decided not to file any charges against the troubled former NBA player. The charges would have been based on his possession and use of narcotic substances.

It’s thankfully fairly common for prosecutors to continue with a case when potential defendant has been hospitalized. The original incident occurred on October 13, 2015, and Odom was finally able to leave the hospital last week. He reportedly has entered into treatment at a rehab facility close to his home in Southern California.

Keep an eye out for a formal rejection of the case later this week. Ideally this can give Lamar Odom the additional peace he needs to continue his recovery process, during which he'll need to relearn a number of basic skills and motor functions. We can only hope listening to SWISH will help.