Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry has been dealing with a nagging thumb injury on his left hand since the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Philadelphia 76ers. 

During an appearance on ESPN's The Jump with Rachel Nichols, Lowry explained that he can't feel his thumb when he's out on the court, due the treatment he receives to numb the pain. 


"It's about passing. I'm a big passer," Lowry says.

"You know, the flicking of the passing, the kind of -- the ball movement, handling the ball. During the game, honestly, I can't feel my thumb," he said, alluding to the treatment he is receiving to numb the pain in his non-shooting hand.

Lowry hasn't discussed the injured them much at all during the Raptors' journey to the NBA Finals, and he doesn't plan on complaining about it now. The 33-year old veteran averaged 19.2 points on 50.7% shooting with 5.2 assists per night in the six-game series against the Milwaukee Bucks.

He tells The Jump, "I'll have to take care of it after the season but I don't want to talk about it as much." 

"I haven't complained about it, I won't complain about it, I don't care about it; I'm going to continue to do the things I need to do to make sure I can play at a high level. And that's it."

Game 1 of the NBA Finals, airing on ABC, is set to tipoff in Toronto at 9pm ET tonight.