Kris Kardashian is always one to party and turn any banal situations into an incoherently good time. Back in November, Kardashian had invited Jennifer Lawrence over for dinner, which eventually turned into a boozy dress-up session that had left the Red Sparrow actress butt-naked in her closet. 

In another bender, Kardashian celebrated Valentine's Day with her boyfriend Corey Gamble, daughter Khloe, Tristan Thompson, and a select few of her closest confidants. What was supposed to be an innocent dinner ended up becoming an excuse to turn up on a Wednesday night, with Kardashian opting out of chocolate or some bubbly. 

Khloe recorded the entire affair and posted it to her Instagram story for the world to witness. Kris was decked out in a very festive red dress, standing out amongst the crowd with her undeniable presence. Kris and co. then began to indulge in every drunk person's favourite past time, some good old fashioned karaoke. 

Transforming her living space into a discotheque, Kris and some of her friends took the microphone to serenade their guests with some tone-deaf renditions of karaoke mainstays. The setlist for the night included Kris exercising her vocal chops on the Britney Spears classic "...Baby One More Time," and MC Hammer's seminal ode to large derrières "Baby Got Back," which saw the Kardashian matriarch drunkenly twerking. 

Khloe seemed to have been enjoying her very sober night, as the mother-to-be laughed at the proceedings the entire time. Peep this eventful Valentine's Day celebration below: