The Kobe Bryant era in Los Angeles is over, for the most part.

While the Black Mamba won't be pulling a Michael Jordan and un-retiring next season, he still plans on being apart of the Lakers organization and has told some players that he'll be there if they need him.

In a recent interview with Mike Bresnahan of TWC SportsNet, Kobe talked about his retired life, the new bearded look, and how he plans on helping the young core of the Lakers. He also spoke about the upcoming birth of this third child and what it was like to get drenched in slime at the Kids' Choice Awards...

"It gets everywhere," he said of the slime. "I was getting gold out of my ass for two days."

Kobe mentioned that he still keeps in touch with head coach, Luke Walton and seems like he'll be ready and willing to help out when called upon.

"I would love to come by," he said. "I’ve spoken with Luke [Walton] several times, [Brian] Shaw as well. I let the players know that I’m always around, man. I’m always around. If they wanna come out and work out, wake up early in the morning to work out, walk them through some things."

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