Kobe has only been retired for about a month but he already has plenty of job opportunities lined up if he gets bored of golfing, catching up on Game Of Thrones, or whatever else a 5x NBA champ does once he calls it quits. 

One such job opportunity was a spot on Inside The NBA, TNT's Emmy Award winning program which features Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and his former teammate, Shaq.

However, TMZ recently caught up with the Black Mamba and it looks as though he's quite content with his retired life. When asked point blank if he had any interest in reuniting with The Diesel and the cast of Inside The NBA, Kobe simply replied, "No."

For what it's worth, Inside The NBA is absolutely perfect as is (see below) so they'll continue on just fine without him, but it would be dope to throw Kobe into that bizarre cast of characters.