Kobe Bryant joined Good Morning America today for an interview in which he discussed his new animated short film based off his retirement poem called "Dear Basketball," and how he doesn't miss playing the sport of basketball. 

Speaking on the latter, Kobe said, 

“No, I don’t. It’s crazy,” Bryant said. “I started playing when I was 2. After playing for 20 years in the league, what I have now is—everything I’ve learned from the game, I carry with me to this day. The game has never truly left me. Physically, yes. But emotionally, and the things that I write, all stem from the game. So it’s still a part of me.”

As for "Dear Basketball," Kobe was very involved in the creative process, as you'd expect, and he praised the work of legendary director Glen Keane as well as John Williams who helped bring Kobe's retirement poem to life.

Check out his interview with the Good Morning America crew below, as well as a sneak preview of "Dear Basketball."