Throughout the last couple of decades, New York Knicks fans have been treated to nothing except a lot of heartbreak and some broken promises. This past offseason, the big promise was that players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would sign with the team and immediately turn them into title contenders. Many of the pundits said KD to the Knicks was a done deal but in the end, he ended up joining Kyrie in Brooklyn. From there, the Knicks decided to enter their rebuild a different way, by stocking up on marginal players who may or may not make a big difference over time.

Today was Knicks media the day and president Steve Mills addressed the media with some interesting remarks. The one that seems to be getting all of the attention right now is when Mills said there were multiple max players who were interested in the Knicks but the team opted to go in a different direction. Yes, that's right. The Knicks are now saying they didn't want max players in the first place.

“There were a lot of max-type players that we could have met with, that were interested in coming here," Mills explained. "We had a certain way we wanted to build this team."

As you can imagine, Knicks fans thought the comments were pretty ridiculous and couldn't believe their president would say such a thing. It's just another instance of why being a Knicks fan must be one of the hardest things to endure on this planet.