It's no secret that Knicks fans hate the team owner James Dolan with a passion. But that doesn't mean Dolan is going to sit quietly while fans lash out at him.

Knicks fan Mike Hamersky reportedly saw Dolan outside of MSG prior to the Knicks vs Bulls game and yelled at him, "Sell the team!" Instead of ignoring the boisterous fan, Dolan got in the guy's face, called him an asshole and tried to ban him from entering the arena.

According to the NY Post

“That’s all I yelled,” Hamersky told The Post in a phone interview. “He continued to walk past me, opened the limo door, then closed the door, turned around and walked all the way back and said, ‘Who said that?’ Hamersky said he took credit, “Then [Dolan] got 2 inches from my face and started screaming. That’s all I said, and he started cursing at me. He said multiple times I’m not getting in the game. I never thought I’d be mentioned in the same breath as Oakley.”

"Hamersky said Dolan demanded to see his tickets and he refused. Dolan repeatedly told his security detail not to let Hamersky into the arena. The Astoria native said he was then followed by a security guard for at least a block. He eventually shook security and got into the game."

Dolan charged him with being drunk and stated, “What if I told you, ‘You suck at your job?’”

Dolan also told Deadspin

“I did call him an asshole,” Dolan tells me, “because he is an asshole.”

The Knicks' owner says Hamersky had an open bottle of beer and smelled of alcohol, although he claims he was sober during their encounter.

The Knicks only have four games remaining in this nightmare of a season, but Dolan can expect to hear the trash talk well beyond the end of the regular season.