Klay Thompson flipped the script on the phrase "talk to the hand" and taken it to new proportions after breaking free of his scoring slump during the Golden State Warriors 115-105 win over the Portland Trailblazers on Saturday night, This weekend, Thompson made off with 32 points and it was after knocking down his fourth 3-pointer midway through the fourth quarter that Thompson took a look at his right hand and told it, "I missed you."

"Just, 'I missed you,'" Thompson reiterated after the game of the message delivered to his hand. "'It's good to see you again.' It's been a five-game absence or so where he hasn't been the same. So to finally see the ball go in at a high rate felt really good. Just keep being aggressive and hopefully get on a great roll from here."

It was a nice bounce back for Thompson who's been struggling to land on consistency this season. He came into Saturday's match 21-for-68 from the field throughout his last five games, but all the while the Warriors were never too worried about the drought. Saturday was a clear return to form for Thompson, resembling the stellar performance he put on back in October when the Warrior faced off against the Chicago Bulls. That night, Klay put up 52 points, knocking down a total of 14 3-pointers.