Last night, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets by a score of 104-99 to take a 3-2 lead in their second-round series. It has been an incredible series thus far with a ton of drama to go around. While the Rockets had a chance to win the game last night, it was the Warriors who were able to get hot down the stretch and win the game. With the score at 102-99, the Rockets could have tied the game with a three-pointer, although with just seconds left, the Warriors were driving.

During the drive, Klay Thompson got the ball near the sideline and was pressured by some Rockets defenders. Thompson was able to get a pass off and then drove to the basket to score the basket that sealed the game at 104-99. While it appeared like a legal basket, detectives on Twitter checked the tape which shows Thompson stepping out of bounds near the sideline while he was being pressured. The referees clearly missed it and if they hadn't, the Rockets could have gotten the ball back to tie the game.