The NBA playoffs are underway which means every basketball fan on the planet is sitting in front of their TV cheering on their favorite team, as long as they actually made the playoffs. If not, well you're just watching to see who will win the NBA title and hopefully it isn't the team you despise. Meanwhile, all of the sneakerheads are watching the games for a much different reason. They're just checking the matches out to see what sneakers the players are wearing. We all want to know what special PEs every player has and it looks like Kevin Durant will be one of the guys who is laced to perfection every single night.

In the first Golden State Warriors game against the Los Angeles Clippers, KD wore a pink and white "Movies" PE of the KD 12. According to Josh Benedek, who is Nike's media relations director, Durant's sneaker choices will actually be curated by none other than Don C throughout the postseason.

Don C has been a frequent collaborator with Nike and is a good friend of Durant. Before the release of the KD 12, it was believed that Don C would be involved with the shoe in some sort of capacity and now we have an answer as to how deep that collaboration will run.

Needless to say, Durant's sneaker game will be an interesting story to follow as the playoffs roll on.