Kevin Durant and Twitter go together quite nicely. In the past, Durant has had his fair share of problems on the platform. Of course, we're referring to 2017 when he got caught defending his own honor with a burner account. Following this embarrassing self-exposing, Durant decided to be more direct with his Twitter use, and now, if he has something to say he simply goes out and says it without hiding behind an anonymous account.

Today, Durant went out and used his account in a way that will surely upset the likes of Andre Iguodala. While watching the first game back of the NBA season, Durant wrote about Brandon Ingram by saying "#14 is a different breed." If you're paying attention to the news, this comment is significant as it is a direct diss on Iguodala, who recently referred to WNBA star Aerial Powers by her number as opposed to her name. Iggy's failure to recognize Powers' name landed him in a lot of hot water.

Durant is pretty infamous for these types of subtweets and when you consider his complicated relationship with Iguodala, the timing of it all isn't surprising in the least. While the joke may have gone over people's heads, there is no denying that it's a funny one.

As for Iguodala, however, we're not so sure he's going to be laughing that one off anytime soon.