If you saw Kendrick Lamar's new music video for "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe", then you would've seen a subtle message at the end of the video that read "Death To Molly". With as many people curious on what that message actually meant, K. Dot recently spoke out about it in a recent interview with MTV's Sway.

While out in Alabama for the Hangout Festival, Kendrick chopped it up with Sway and was asked to talk about his subliminal message and why he chose that video as a PSA. K. Dot went on to say,

" I like trends. Sometimes there are trends that are not that cool. You have certain artists portraying molly, but aren't living that lifestyle, and it gives off the wrong thing [impression]. It becomes corny after a while. It's really about keeping hip-hop original and pushing the corniness away from it."

Kendrick also goes on to say that the usage of molly in everybody's lyrics "waters down" rap and the culture. He says it's time to move on. I think Kendrick maybe on to something with this one.

Check out the quick interview below. [Via] 

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