"No idea's original" - Nas

With biting being such a hot topic of late, Kendrick Lamar is the latest rapper to get hit with accusations. An Instagram user shared a post comparing Kendrick Lamar's "DNA" to "I Got," a track by unsigned rapper D.Zign. Check it out below.

There are definitely some similarities, most notably the "I got I got I got" refrain. Even the beats are pretty similar, though "DNA" has a more refined arrangement and a harmonic-minor melody.  D.Zign has replied to the similarities, posting the following responses on his socials:

Biting is always a tricky subject to navigate. On one hand, there are only so many possible melodies and chord progressions out there, and songs sound alike all the time. On the other hand, maybe D.Zign has a case here. While it's anyone's guess as to how Kendrick's camp might have stumbled upon "I Got" in the first place, could we chalk this up to a simple coincidence? Regardless, nothing changes the fact that "DNA" remains one of the strongest tracks out this year.