Kendall Jenner made a much-publicized appearance at last weekend's Golden Globes ceremony, clad in a stunner of a black dress. At the end of the day, the model endured some pretty harsh criticism, but not for anything related to the actual show. Instead, those on social media found it necessary to drag the young woman for the state of her skin, which was at least partially ravaged by acne damage. However, Kendall wasn't about to let the haters drag her down.

Thought she may have taken some heat for not looking like what some people's idea of perfection might be, Kendall Jenner rose above the social media diatribe and sent a positive message to her fans in the wake of the backlash. "Never let that s**t stop you," he proclaimed, sharing a fan's tweet about how she respected Jenner so much for doing what she did. View the tweets below.

There were other snide comments made online during and after Kendall Jenner hit the red carpet at the Globes, like how she didn't belong at the event because it was a celebration of acting. While that is true in the plainest terms, it's hard to argue the invites extended to Jenner and other such reality stars, based on how such a move will inevitably boost TV ratings and/or social media reach of a particular event. Like the saying goes, haters gonna hate.

Do you think the backlash against Kendall Jenner was deserved or no? Speak your mind and have your say in the comments.