Katt Williams' lawyer is officially fed up with dealing with the comedian, according to The Blast. Matthew Gurvitz of Venable LLP has filed a motion requesting to be withdrawn as Williams' lawyer in his current legal battle over an alleged assault against his former assistant. 

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

In Gurvitz motion, he told the judge that his request is mainly surrounding a "general lack of communication." The lawyer said it has â€œbecome unreasonably difficult for Venable to carry out effective representation," adding that the comedian hasn't made any efforts to correspond with the law firm.

Gurvitz said he already warned Williams' that he would need to find new legal representation unless “communication and cooperation were greatly improved. Communication did not improve.”

In the motion, Gurvitz said that the case with Williams will put an "unfair burden" on the law firm and require additional legal fees. They also suggested that Williams has more than enough time to find a new lawyer since the trial in the case begins on October 1st.

Williams was sued for $1M by his former assistant who claimed that he attacked her. She accused the comedian of assault and battery, claiming his assault caused her to be hospitalized. She alleged that he threw her to the ground and slammed her head on concrete which rendered her unconscious.

Williams has denied the allegations against him and asked for the case to be dismissed.