Katt Williams made headlines again last week when video of him sucker punching a 17 year old and then subsequently getting choked out by that 17 year old went viral on social media. Over the weekend, the 42 year old comedian explained the incident during a set at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

According Williams, trouble started during a soccer game the two were participating in. Katt claims that the kid (who he thought was over 18, due to the fact that he was smoking a cigarette) was “talking shit all game,” which Katt didn’t mind, until Katt started getting suspicious. He then went around the corner of the building with the teen, asking about the kid’s parents and family. The kid continued to get in Williams’ face and no one stepped between the two, and Katt explains at that point, he decided he would have to teach the kid a lesson.

In his own words: “I say to myself let me stand up and let this nigga see that even though we’re the same size, you’re a little boy. I’m a grown ass man. I can hit you with this broken fist and get blood, I just want you to have a bloody mouth so that you can have that lesson later. That’s what happens when you say slick shit to grown ass men because maybe them niggas can’t teach you that, but a nigga that can hit you can is also a nigga that can pull out a gun and blow your motherfucking brains out. Why would you put yourself in that position just because you lost a soccer game?”

While that’s probably a good lesson for the kid to learn, it didn’t have to come from Katt Williams, who lives in general vicinity of the neighborhood in which the video was taken. While the comedian makes the light of the situation, TMZ has reported that Williams’ family is concerned about him and has been trying to get him hospitalized for years. However, Williams thinks his family is just after his money.