The Kardashians are not people who seem like they'd have any sort of normal problems in their lives. Today, it turns out, they almost do. At Dream Kardashian's birthday party, among fairy teepees and a spread of cakes and pastries that wouldn't have been out of place at a royal wedding, there was a cockroach. The video, as you can see below, pans over the whole spread quickly and casually, barely stoppping to ponder the cake where a bug that looks an awful lot like a cockroach is crawling.

Dream is, aside from being the recipient of a mini, baby Bentley and an extravagant fairy-themed birthday party, also the centre of a family drama. Her parents, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been going back-and-forth over who should be paying child support for months now, each of them trying to prove the other has more money. For this reason, Rob's been out of the spotlight, even in the photos and video of his daughter's birthday. He said: "It has been an extraordinarily difficult time for me emotionally and I have no desire to continue participating in the reality show. I would like to maintain my privacy, try to recover from the emotional damage of the past several months, and explore other business ventures."