Amid Kanye West's roll out for five new projects that he produced, the rapper found himself involved in some controversy with a former collaborator and friend that took over his non-profit organization, Donda House. Kanye West and Rhymefest were initially planning on turning 'Ye's childhood home in the Southside of Chicago into the headquarter for Donda House. However, Rhymefest accused Kanye West of abandoning the organization before he changed the name of the organization entirely and cut ties with the "All Mine" artist. However, it turns out that what was supposed to be the Donda House headquarters is now a rotting property.

According to The Daily Mail, Kanye West's former childhood home is essentially in shambles after Rhymefest cut ties with 'Ye. The property is now littered with old CD's, empty beer bottles and heart-shaped post-its that have been their since a February fundraiser. The home is destructed to the point that a backdoor has been broken and now gives squatters access to the home. Additionally, a window frame at the front of the house has also fallen off. 

The inside of the home is deteriorating as well. There's only an empty fridge inside of the house while the paint on the ceiling is peeling off.

It's unfortunate to see this happen especially since there were plans made to install a recording studio and a museum to Donda West. 

Peep photos here.