Kanye West gave a rare interview to Kris Jenner, the mama of his baby mama, which will air tomorrow, on Friday. A short clip of the interview has been released and 'Ye talks about the love he has for Kim Kardashian, and how no photographers can get in the way.

The clip starts with Yeezy saying, "I could have people saying this is going to damage your credibility as an artist or a designer, and I say, 'I don't care I love this woman.' Or someone could say when the paparazzi surround you, everyone knows you don't like the paparazzi, why would you be with this person. And I'm saying I'm being with this person 'cause I love this person and she's worth it to me."

Kanye continued to share some information about his grandfather, "You know my grandfather just passed away and his whole thing was never about money, was never about popularity, his whole thing was joy, like just joy, having joy in his life. And she's my joy, and she brought my new joy into the world. There's no paparazzi, there's no blog comment that's going to take that joy from me." It seems like that's true, as we have been seeing Kanye smile more and more.

Watch the clip below.