Kanye West can be difficult to comprehend at times, but his cultural impact is indisputable. His more confusing behavior is often explained as the byproduct of genius. Celebrity designer David Week's new sculpture can be seen to capture the capriciousness of the legendary recording artist. Weeks has created a 5"5 sculpture that depicts four different faces of Kanye West, titled NSEWest (which is a play on North, South, East, West). In Week's own words, the giant bust "[represents] the range of emotions a creative goes through on a daily basis." This ambitious year-long project actually marks Weeks' first sculpture, as the Queens visual artist was largely known before for inventing the broken skateboard aesthetic

NSEWest belongs to Week's new "Modern Day Mount Rushmore" series, which, according to a press release, "seeks to bring awareness to cultural icons within the African American community who've helped shape the culture and provide a blueprint for wealth, success and advocacy."

The public will have 30 days to get a glimpse of this statue at Sneakertopia in Los Angeles, following its unveiling on January 24. The unveiling will be a private event, hosted by recording artist and friend of Kanye, Fonzworth Bentley. People attending this event will have the opportunity to buy a mini version of NSEWest at the pop-up shop (which can be seen in the post below).  

Fortunately, this sculpture bears more resemblance to its subject than the one of Tupac Shakur that went viral this week.