Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night, following the two beefing over Twitter when 'Ye saw a skit Kimmel did mocking his interview with Zane Lowe. Kanye vented on Twitter, calling out the comedian and posting memes of him. It seems the two have worked things out though, with Kanye appearing on air and explaining why he was so upset with the sketch.

First off, the two told the audience that this was not a publicity stunt.

"Everyone out there in the TV world, real world, whatever world you stay in, needs to know I've never done a publicity stunt in my life," Kanye confirmed. "Anytime I went up and spoke my mind whether it put my career in jeopardy  whatever someone so-called said, it was always what I thought was the truth, whether I'm reading through a teleprompter or whatever I felt emotionally... I don't do publicity stunts, period."

'Ye went on to explain why he was so angry with Jimmy Kimmel, because he thought he actually knew the comedian.

"I knew you before and I remember telling you after I saw you at a wedding and I've seen you a couple times saying, 'hey I want people to know this other side of you' and different things like this, I saw this good guy that was at this wedding," Kanye told Kimmel. "So when I saw the skit, which I didn't even watch all the way through 'cause I didn't want to be infuriated, I said, well I know you. So a combination of me knowing you but also me not knowing the person who put a bad headline on inTouch, I was like, well this is the one person I know, so I can go and let out everything I feel about every single bogus weekly cover, every single bogus skit every single rumor.. Everything that people feel is okay to treat celebrities like zoo animals or act like their life is not serious or their dreams is not serious, and it just kinda elevates."

Kanye went on to talk about his interview with Zane Lowe, all his ambitions, and calls himself a genius. Watch the full interview below in six parts. Oh yeah, we're giving away tickets to Kanye and Kendrick Lamar's Yeezus Tour. Head here to see how you can win.