Kanye West took to Twitter yesterday to speak out on a number of things, but one tweet stood out more than the rest. In regards to his Yeezy Boost sneaker line – which has notoriously sold out in minutes every time they’ve gone on sale, including the Pirate Black Yeezy Boosts which supposedly had double the supply – Kanye has claimed adidas will be making “a million Yeezys this year, opening up new factories.”

Now, we should definitely take this with a grain of salt, as ‘Ye is known to overstate himself sometimes. However, if the Three Stripes brand is really opening up more factories, it could be bad news for resellers and good news for everyone else. No telling when these new factories will begin manufacturing the additional Yeezys, but if rumors are true then we won’t be seeing any new Yeezy Boost drops until summertime.

Kanye followed his first Yeezy tweet up by saying that he’s “Feeling like Robin Hood,” which is probably a bit much for someone who’s charging $200 for sneakers. We’re pretty sure Robin Hood did things like take from the rich and give to the poor, not sell high priced sneakers to the middle and upper classes. Maybe he read a different version of the story though.