Though Juice WRLD's mainstream music is somewhat melodic, and dare I say, emo-inspired, little can deny that the man has bars. Case in point, Juice previously spit a freestyle for nearly an hour straight on Tim Westwood, proving that, at the very least, he has admiration for the craft. Though some may wish he would retain that element in his actual music, but that's a discussion for another time. Either way, Juice has recently stepped up to one of the game's biggest challenges, especially for an emerging leader of the new school: spitting bars for Funk Flex.

"We have this thing where a young, up-and-coming rapper with bars, it has to be with bars, can have a shot to come have a freestyle," explains Funk. He proceeds to lace Juice with a familiar instrumental - "Lucid Dreams" - setting the stage for the rapper to come through with some off the top bars. While respectable in theory, spitting off the dome is a risky proposition, though an admirable one. To be fair, there are certainly moments that seem prewritten, but we'll let that slide. 

Luckily, he came through. In fact, Juice WRLD's off-the-top rhymes are so intense, his man beside him is literally knocked out cold. At around the 7:09 mark, buddy can be seen catching a snooze as if the cypher were an 8 AM history class. Get this man a coffee and some smelling salts. Don't get it twisted - Juice is absolutely killing it, and bonus points for going off the top - but the image is worthy of a chuckle nonetheless. 

Peep the video below. How did he fare?