The rise of the City Girls' hasn't been a common rags-to-riches type story. As the group began claiming their stake in hip-hop, Yung Miami was left to hold them down as JT served a two-year sentence for credit card fraud. JT's now free and the fans received a brand new project out of the blue titled, City On Lock in June.

Following the album's release, they gave fans insight into their recording process and lives with their five-part docuseries, City Girls The Series. The latest episode of the series follows JT as she adjusts back into the limelight and records new music. Now that she's served her time, JT broke down a comparison about how her approach to the music industry is similar to credit card fraud.

"It's all about a hustle with the music industry. Just like the stores, though. Bitch, you don't know if you're card gon' go through if you go in the bitch," JT explained. "You don't know if you're card is gon' work when you walk inside of a store. I'm gonna test that bitch, anyways. I'm gonna go in that bitch and I'mma put that information in, if it say approved [or] say declined. But if it decline, I'mma put that bitch in again. And I'm gonna run through all the names on my phone until one of them bitches hit."

"That's the same shit with music, like, when you drop a song, that shit might not hit. But you gotta keep goin' until one of them bitches hit," she concluded. 

Check out the latest episode of City Girls The Series below.