Joyner Lucas Is A Master Of Disguise In Epic "Revenge" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
February 11, 2020 13:12

It be your own pizza delivery guy.

When Joyner Lucas came through with the haunting ADHD cut "Revenge," it was only a matter of time before elaborate visuals arrived to flesh out the sordid tale. In true Lucas fashion, the video features an epic narrative to rival its near-ten-minute runtime. Budget is at an all-time high as a heist goes awry over an unexpected betrayal, one that sends Lucas spiraling on a years-long quest for vengeance.

While his friend-turned-foe reaped the spoils of blood-stained riches, Lucas honed his trade as a master of disguise. Channeling some pure Agent 47 of Hitman fame, Lucas infiltrates the compound under the innocuous guise of a pizza delivery man. Only rather than steaming hot deliciousness, this delivery man is carrying nothing but a bloodthirsty vendetta. The plot only descends further into madness as Lucas sinks deeper into his vengeful persona: half angel of death, half Mr. Dressup. 

Check out the extravagant clip right now, and stay tuned for more music from ADHD. Where does "Revenge" rank in the hierarchy of Joyner Lucas videos? 

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