Tim Tebow had many in the sports world scratching their heads when he decided to pursue a career in baseball just a few years after essentially being thrown out of the NFL. The former Denver Broncos quarterback simply couldn't throw the ball well enough to make it in today's NFL and had a pretty short career despite winning a playoff game and creating the "Tebow Time" craze. As a baseball player, Tebow hasn't exactly been a superstar either, with many still wondering why he's playing baseball when he could just as easily get a job on TV as a football analyst.

One of the people who think Tebow still needs a lot of work, it none other than former Oakland A's slugger, Jose Canseco, who famously got caught for using steroids. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Canseco said that Tebow's swing sucks but with a little work, he could be hitting home runs for days.

"I can definitely turn him into a power hitter," Canseco explained. "He's extremely strong, extremely physical ... I can easily get him up to 35 to 45 home runs [at the MLB level]. At the AAA level, he could hit 50."

Considering Canseco hit 426 home runs in his career, he would definitely be one of the best people to mentor Tebow, who continues to pursue a career in baseball. We just hope he doesn't encourage the former quarterback to start juicing.