Slaughterhouse's Joell Ortiz has updated eager fans begging to find out when and if his four-member crew are still planning to ink a deal with Eminem's Shady Records.

Speaking on a Sirius/XL satellite radio broadcast, Ortiz said there was no doubt Slaughterhouse would slowly but surely be under Em's wing.

    "We're right now in talks with Shady Records and we are going back and forth with some legal stuff," Joell explained in a video. "Yes, we will be signing to Shady. Is it finalized now? No it's not but it is in the workings. Eminem is excited, the group is excited so you can really expect a Slaughterhouse release with Shady Records. I'm excited about that because shoot, being a dude that came up listening to real lyricism, real emcees, Mr. Marshall Mathers is one of the top notch there. You understand? And for him to show interest in myself and my group, it's just a beautiful thing and a blessing. I'm looking forward to that just as much as you -- the answer to your question, 'Are we going to sign to Shady,' is yes we are and it's in the workings right now so be on the look-out."