The moment that it was announced the Golden State Warriors picked up DeMarcus Cousins, the entire nation of NBA fans shook their heads. Except for Golden State fans, of course. It's like Golden State has the Infinity Stones, and the rest of the NBA needs to scramble to create some type of superteam to best them. According to a report by Chicago Sun-Times, one such superteam may be in the making.

"As for Butler, a league source said that he also has no intentions of signing an extension with Minnesota, all but fed up with the nonchalant attitude of his younger teammates, specifically Karl-Anthony Towns," reports Joe Cowley of the Times. "A league source close to the situation told the Sun-Times on Tuesday that Kyrie Irving and former Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler are still trying to figure out a way to play together," Cowley added. "Whether that means the Celtics try and acquire Butler this summer or the two simply wait a year, both opt out of their player options after the season, and join forces that way." He claims that Butler and Irving may squad up somewhere else other than the Celtics. "The two former Team USA Basketball teammates are looking for a destination to build an elite backcourt, whether that’s in Celtics green or elsewhere in the East."