The NBA free agency has been insane ever since LeBron James announced that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and joining the Los Angeles Lakers. James' decision left a power vacuum in the Eastern Conference. For years, James has been able to walk into the Finals with a level of ease, now, in the Western Conference, he must fight to gain that entry. The Lakers face the challenge of beating the reigning champions, the Golden State Warriors.

James' plan to take over the Western Conference depends solely on his ability and skill to lead the Lakers to a championship. The Lakers have added several players since signing James, including Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee, and Lance Stephenson. It appeared as if the New Orleans Pelicans' superstar DeMarcus Cousins was going to sign with the Lakers as well, until he signed a one-year deal with the Warriors. Although Cousins would have to wait until the Winter to get back into the action, Golden State will be absolutely unstoppable with him in the starting line up.

People online have been comparing the Warriors signing Cousins to Thanos acquiring all six Infinity Stones. To be honest, who can blame them? With Cousins, the Warriors can secure the title again next year.