Kanye West commanded the attention of the entire hip-hop community this past week as we were all expecting the release of DONDA. After showcasing the album in Las Vegas last Sunday, it was revealed that the album would be dropping on Friday and that a listening party would be broadcasted on Thursday night. In the end, the live stream took place in Atlanta although it was clear that Ye's new album wasn't entirely finished.

Over the last 24 hours, there have been numerous updates on the album, and for a minute, it seemed like we would get the album last night. Instead, Justin Laboy dashed our dreams as he announced the album had been pushed back to August 6th as Kanye looks to add verses and fix up the mixes.

Kanye West

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Universal Music Group

Despite these delays, Kanye is still receiving quite a bit of praise from his peers. For instance, longtime friend and collaborator Jerry Lorenzo took to Instagram last night with a lengthy paragraph about Kanye's mindset right now and how Lorenzo admires the artist.

Per Lorenzo:

"None of us know the weight and responsibility of the gift of this level of influence… i spent nearly 3 and a half years on the road with this dude… without doubt the hardest working human i’ve ever met or worked with. so happy my guy is re-connected to that eternal source… can’t wait to hear the final edit. until then i’m on the last train with @johnmayer …there are many things ye does that i may see differently, but that has zero to do with my love and respect for him… he might bend slightly, but this cat ain’t breaking. …you don’t have to agree to understand. you don’t have see things the same way to love."

Kanye West

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Numerous Kanye fans are upset with the delays, and for now, Lorenzo's comments might not sit right with Ye supporters. Regardless, those around Kanye are excited for what's to come, which should be a good sign, moving forward.