Thanks to Timbo and Swizz, Verzuz has kept everyone entertained throughout the pandemic. Though there were a few occasions where they had a few hiccups, fans were able to celebrate the legacies of some of their favorite artists and producers. A lot of legendary figures have been able to remind people of their catalogs while other legendary figures are awaiting their moment to shut down the internet.

Diddy initially stated that he might be facing off against Dr. Dre, though it's unclear what the status of that is. At this point, it seems like Jermaine Dupri is adamantly chasing after Diddy to accept a Verzuz battle. On a recent appearance of The Fat Joe show, JD explained that Diddy is the most fitting opponent for him.

"I'm for the culture. Whatever the culture wants --" he said before Fat Joe interrupted. 

"Jermaine, you for the culture but if the Verzuz come on and it's live from ATL with the chandeliers. You would prefer you to be sitting in one chair and Sean 'Diddy' Combs sitting in the other?" Joe asked.

"A hundred percent. We gonna break the fuckin' internet," he said. "You know, the Internet is broken that day... That's what people want to see."

There were rumors of the two facing off in a battle earlier this year. It's unclear if there has been any progress in lining that up yet. 

Though no word from Diddy yet, it would certainly be one of the biggest Verzuz battles. If it were to go down, who do you think has more hits? Diddy? Dupri? Sound off in the comments. 

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