The Big Lebowski, one of the most adored movies of the a generation, had the 20th anniversary of its release this year. It's the kind of movie that's so quotable that you can rewatch it karaoke style–almost all the lines are catchphrases. It's accessible too, but at the same time it's just left-field enough to feel like cult movie, even though it was (and is) a definitive mainstream success. 

Although The Dude has transcended this movie and become an international stoner icon to the point where a sequel seems like sacrilege, apparently nothing is sacred anymore. A Jeff Bridges tweet is prompting sequel speculation:

The date at end of the clip is the date of the Super Bowl and this is prompting a lot of speculation. Some take it at face value that there will be a sequel. Others are more cynical, like a twitter user named Jesus Christ, Son Of God And Men, pointed out that this is likely just a trailer for a Super Bowl ad, in which Jeff Bridges will appear as The Dude. 

We'll see come Super Bowl Sunday.