Not sure if there are Rihanna fans out there but I'm posting this since it has to do with Jay-Z. Rihanna's album "Talk That Talk" has only one feature, which is Jay-Z, producer Stargate revealed:

"This is the first time we do a song with Jay-Z and Rihanna together. Actually it’s the first time Jay does anything on our beats. It was about time,” Stargate said. “’Talk That Talk’ is a mid-tempo banger with hard drums, dirty synths, and Rihanna and Jay at their best. We are very happy with the song and Jay’s verse is crazy—same with Rihanna’s part."

And if you care, here's the tracklist for that album & photo:

1. “We Found Love”

2. “You the One”

3. “Watch and Learn”

4. “Roc Me Out”

5. “Cockiness”

6. “Talk That Talk”

7. “Answer”

8. “Drunk on Love”

9. “Farewell”

10. “We All Want Love”

11. “Red Lipstick”

12. “Fool in Love”

13. “Where Have You Been”

14. “Do Ya Thang”

15. “Birthday Cake”