Last night was the grand opening of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in New York's Barclays center. The rapper owns a percentage of the Brooklyn Nets, and has done a sufficient amount to re-vamp the team, including a new name and  a new logo design.

He spoke to MTV News while on the red carpet for the opening, happy with the result. "I walked around here earlier and I just seen everybody busy and at work trying to finish up and it was a great feeling," he said.  "A guy stopped me in the hallway and said, 'Man this is a great thing for New York City.' And that's what the whole thing was about."

In attendance at the event were Lyor Cohen, Rihanna, J. Cole and more. The opening night comes a day before Hov's inaugural performance at the stadium tonight, and this first show will be followed by seven more from the mega rap star.

The Barclays features 101 luxury suites, 4 bars and lounge destinations, three clubs and obviously the 40/40 Club and Restaurant, plus you can expect many more additions and huge performances to take place in the multi-billion dollar complex in the next few months.