It's hard to imagine losing half a million dollars in the blink of an eye, but some people simply gamble different. For Yo Gotti and Jay-Z, such losses are closer to a standard employment hazard than a catastrophic life-changing debacle; perhaps more so for Jay, the Basquiat-toting billionaire that he is.  Still, Yo Gotti has never been one to balk in the face of insurmountable odds. According to a video report from Akademiks, Yo Gotti and Hov were indulging in cards at Jay's Shawn Carter Charity Gala. Evidently, Gotti was on his Austin Powers energy, opting to live dangerously at the Blackjack Table. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Ak's footage finds Yo Gotti experiencing every gambler's worst fear - a substantial bust. One tallying over half-a-million dollars, to be specific. We can watch the moment unfold in real-time, as the dealer secures the win with a total of 21. Jay's reaction is that of pure awe, letting out a stunned "Oh My Goodness" as he backs away in disbelief. As for Yo Gotti, if you look ever-so-closely you can see the faint traces of his spirit leaving his body, hovering overhead, emanating a faint and disappointment aura. 

No matter how you shake it, that's a lot of money to lose in one fell swoop. The high-stakes lifestyle is not without its pitfalls, and Lady Luck has always been a beguiling dame. Check out the footage below -- what do you think was going through Yo Gotti's head in those pivotal seconds?