There are few who would dispute that Jay-Z is one of our generation's most unique and celebrated poets. If you don't agree, simply comb through a few pages of his Decoded book for a masterclass in lyricism. And while some of Jay-Z's more recent musical efforts failed to reach the glories of his artistic peak, his most recent album 4:44 was a stunning return to form. In one fell swoop, Jay-Z cemented himself as the pinnacle of ambition, the product of hard work and dedication. Therefore, it's only suitable that, as an authority of the subject, the Jigga Man can indulge in an occasional bit of wisdom.

In keeping with his recent foray into visual expression, Jay has come through with a clip for his new poem "Dream On." "I'm from where dreaming ain't allowed," says Jay. "Especially when you dreaming aloud. Enough to dream your self-esteem into clouds." The poetry is paired with quiet shots of a still project apartment, creating a subtle yet evocative "then-and-now" narrative. It's not exactly as exciting as a new Jay song, but fans will surely appreciate the gravitas with which each line is delivered. Plus, the fact that Jay-Z basically epitomizes the rags-to-riches story helps imbue the inspirational message with credibility. 

The video was brought to life through the magic of Budweiser, and who knows, maybe Jay had a few brews prior to delivering this. Budweiser is an official partner of the upcoming Made In America Festival, which is set to take place on September 2nd and 3rd. You can stream the entire event on Tidal, and if you're interested, go check out the lineup (which includes Jay-Z, as one of the main headliners) right here

Check out the visuals for Jay's "Dream On" poem, exclusively on Tidal.