Javale McGee has undergone his fair share of clowning during his time in the NBA and lately, he has been a bit of a punching bag for the likes of Shaq and other basketball pundits. Despite this, McGee has pushed forward and has carved out a nice little niche for himself within the NBA. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and is competing for a starting job against the likes of Dwight Howard.

Yesterday, McGee took to Instagram where he documented a fight he had in his driveway. No, it wasn't with another human being, but with a fly. As you can see from the video, McGee loses the fight and even runs away from the dreaded insect. It's pretty hilarious stuff that will surely add to the lore surrounding McGee's goofy demeanor. 

"Got in a fight today w the biggest flying insect I’ve ever seen!" McGee wrote. "I know you guys are gonna say “your 7foot! Dont be scared of a bug!” Well this wasn’t some ordinary bug! This bug had timberlands on, and two cuban links... he was his own man and probably had a family to feed."

Hopefully the next time McGee comes across a fly of this size he will be able to take it on with more efficiency. McGee can't afford to be on anymore "Shaqtin' A Fool" segments or else his mom may get involved again.