Jared Goff has only been in the NFL three years and he has already made it to a Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Goff and the Los Angeles Rams, the team laid an egg in the big game against the New England Patriots. The Rams lost by a score of 13-3 and Goff's performance was less than inspiring. Regardless, Goff was a stud this season and his team is primed and ready to make another deep run this upcoming season. In the meantime though, Goff is out and about enjoying the offseason and taking some time to himself.

The Rams quarterback has also been enjoying some quality time with his rumored girlfriend Christen Harper who is an Instagram model. The two have been rumored to be dating since January but in a new video courtesy of TMZ, it seems as though the two are official. Both Harper and Goff were captured walking out of a local Best Buy. When the cameraman refers to Harper as Goff's girlfriend, he doesn't even bat an eye.

While Goff wasn't able to win out on the field, he's definitely winning in some of the other aspects of his life. Hopefully, he doesn't get too distracted by his new squeeze and can lead the Rams to another great season.