New England Patriots linebacker James Harrison recently took to Instagram to show off his new toy, a custom AK-47.

Harrison's newest firearm, which he has named "Deebo Draco," features his number 92 on the magazine along with his Deebo logo above the trigger. 

The veteran linebacker has an affinity for guns, once telling Men’s Journal that the best way to stop campus shootings is to arm all teachers and students. In the piece, titled "Confessions Of An NFL Hitman," Harrison appears shirtless posing with two guns.

While Harrison's most recent IG post isn't the first time he's showed off his weaponry, it still struck some fans the wrong way. A number of people commenting on the post said things like:

"What kind of example you’re setting?!..Smh” 

“This is the musket the founders had in mind right? SMH”  

“Sad. You need a gun for what? Don’t agree with you here"

“Dumbass glorifying guns"

Check out the "Deebo Draco" AK-47 below.