It's no secret that everyone outside of Massachusettes hates the New England Patriots. They pretty well win every single year and have been a dominant team ever since they won their first Super Bowl back in 2002. Their dynasty is impressive but certainly rubs some people the wrong way. This hatred for the Pats manifested itself last week during the lead up to the Pro Bowl, when Jamal Adams of the New York Jets delivered a pulverizing hit on Patriots mascot Pat Patriot.

Reports indicated that the mascot actually had to go to the hospital and suffered some neck and jaw injuries. TMZ eventually caught up to Adams and asked him if he was worried that the mascot might file a lawsuit. The Pro Bowler was pretty dismissive of the idea and said he regrets nothing.

"Nah ... at the end of the day it was all for the kids," Adams remarked. 

During the interview, Adams also urged Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell to come join the New York Jets. Of course, Bell sat out the entire season in Pittsburgh due to an ongoing contract dispute. If wide receiver Antonio Brown leaves Pittsburgh, maybe it will open the door for Le'Veon to explore some other options.

Adams won defensive MVP at the Pro Bowl on Sunday.