Jalen Rose has been coming through with some pretty huge hot takes on TV recently and the most recent example of this was today when he went on Get Up! and offered a big prediction regarding James Harden. Harden is considered to be one of the best scorers in the NBA right now and some are making arguments that he could be the best scorer ever. Harden has been keeping up some incredible pace this season as he consistently makes a ton of threes and free point shots.

What's particularly interesting about Harden is that his efficiency isn't particularly high. He takes a ton of shots but doesn't make as many as he should be. With this in mind, Rose predicted that one game, Harden will go on a hot streak and end up scoring 90 points.

Rose's prediction was met with some resistance at first but he seems pretty confident that this can happen. It's important to note that Rose once had 81 points dropped on his head courtesy of Kobe Bryant, so if anyone is sensitive to the possibilities of this happening, it would most certainly be Rose.

Harden has been a prolific scorer but 90 points is definitely a bit of a stretch. Let us know in the comments if you agree with Rose or if he's way off on this one.